how to prepare green smoothie recipes

How to Prepare Green Smoothie Recipes

There is no real art to green smoothie prep, but it bears worth in visiting for those of you who are new to green smoothie recipes.

Today, I’m going to cover how to prepare green smoothies, so you spend less time making and more time enjoying every beverage.

8 Tips to Better Green Smoothies

how to make green smoothiesTip #1: Always thoroughly wash your vegetables and fruit unless you purchase a product that is prepackaged and verified as such.

I think it goes without saying that you want your food as free of pesticides, chemicals, dirt, and debris as possible.

Just put your produce directly under running water. Scrub the food with your hands or use a produce-specific scrub brush.

Gently wash the green leafy vegetables, so you keep them somewhat intact for preparation.

how to blend green smoothiesTip #2: Chop your produce to fit your blender.

You obviously don’t want to mince all your food, merely chop it up so your blender can handle it.

The fewer pieces of food handled between the cutting board and blender, the better. Only cut the produce down enough to fit, so there’s less to manage.

how to make kale smoothiesTip #3: Remove the fibrous stalks from kale. These parts taste bitter and tend to sour the flavor of a smoothie.

Don’t worry, removing the stalks doesn’t diminish the nutritional quality much.

However, if you are a frugal chef, feel free to mix in the thick stems. The taste is stronger with the stalks, but not entirely horrible.

how to make a banana smoothieTip #4: When you can, freeze any bananas and berries ahead of time.

I’ll pick up a bundle of bananas, peel them, chop them into smaller pieces and then put them into a container to store in the freezer.

The bananas keep fresh somewhat fresh in the freezer for 24 hours. Avoid keeping bananas in the fridge for any longer than one day.

Otherwise, you will end up with blocks of ice that cannot puree very well. If you make that mistake, don’t sweat it. You can set the bananas out a few minutes before you make your green smoothie.

how to make a berry smoothieTip #5: Try to buy fresh berries and immediately freeze them.

When I’m feeling lazy or need them frozen quick, I get my berries is in the freezer section at the grocery store.

Just check the nutrition facts and ingredients on the frozen fruit’s packaging. Some frozen fruits have additives to keep it fresh or maintain the sweetness.

I prefer the frozen fruits with no additives.

how to prepare green smoothiesTip #6: Prepare ice cubes ahead. They help thicken the consistency of the smoothie, so it is more like a milkshake than juice.

When the smoothie is a bit thin, add a couple of ice cubes and puree for half a minute longer.
But, if you have your fruits frozen ahead of time, you may not need ice cubes after all.

Nutribullet green smoothie recipesTip #7: Read your blender manual ahead to find out how much and for how long you can blend.
Hey, I’ve used and abused my blender, but I try to follow their suggestions carefully, so I’m not breaking my appliance.

A quality blender can get the job done in under a minute. Anything above that is just too long to me.

After all, you’re supposed to be enjoying the green smoothie and not toiling away at making it.

how to make green smoothie ice creamTip #8: Some green smoothies make for the perfect dessert when prepped right.
If you have quite a few of the ingredients frozen ahead, then the consistency will be like ice cream.

Sometimes, when I’m craving a pint of ice cream, I put more frozen bananas into a green smoothie recipe. It’s like making your ice cream without all the processed sugar and dairy.

With all these tips in mind, it’s time for you to make a tasty green smoothie!

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Even More Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

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I’d love to hear about your favorite green smoothie concoctions or what kind of questions you have about green smoothie recipes.

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Till later, I’m going to get my green smoothie grub on!

I’ll catch you again soon!

-Dale L. Roberts